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A Vee, or sometimes called a Lip or Spur, is similar to a Droop only sharper, smaller and is pointed. It doesn’t always extend below the double seam like a Droop does and may appear anywhere around the seam. Heavy Vees can be visually seen or felt with your fingers around the bottom edge of the seam width. In severe cases metal in the cover hook will actually fold back over itself. More commonly called a Pleat.

Vee-Spur-Pin-Lip Vee
Probable CauseSuggested Remedy
Improper 1st Operation Seaming Roll settingAdjust 1st Operation Seaming Roll for thghtness and height according to Instructions outlined in the Parts List or Service Manual
1st Operation Seaming Roll groove profile wideReplace the 1st operation Seaming Roll with a roll that has more narrow groove profile
Worn 1st Operation Seaming RollReplace 1st Operation Seaming Roll
Excessive seaming stock in the cut edge of the cover.Discuss with Can Manufacturer
Product entrapped in the seamCheck Filling procedures for possible overfills. A Belt Packer or Topper may be necessary to maintain the proper head space.
Seaming panel of the cover is wrinkled.Discuss with Can Manufacturer
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