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A Looseness in the seam approximately ½ inch from the soldered lap or cross over.

Jumped-Seam Jumped-Seam-2
Probable CauseSuggested Remedy
Second Operation Seaming Cam Spring too loose (Model 60L only)Model 60L only. Tighten the Seaming Cam Spring Screw until it is barely possible to turn the Seaming Cam Eccentric Pin to the Off Seam position. This will make the preload so great that for all practical purposes the spring will not deflect further, even with excessive lap thickness. Adjust the second operation Seaming Roll for proper seam thickness. NOTE: Model 60L only. When seaming beer or beverage covers or heavy tin plate, a special heavier Spring may be required. The standard 6L640 is 750 lbs. Fully compressed and as a final option, a special solid spacer may be required in place of the Spring. Contact Angelus for further details.
Machine running at a higher speed than it was designedSlow machine down until jumped seam condition is corrected.
Excessive lap or excessive solder at the side seam.Contact the can or body maker.
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