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A Droop is a small portion of the seam that extends below the bottom edge of the seam width. Droops were more noticeable in the older sanitary cans with soldered side seams, Droops appearing at or just after the lap. They can still crop up even on todays can and cover match ups.

Droop Droop-Composite-Can
Probable CauseSuggested Remedy
Worn 1st Operation Seaming RollReplace the Seaming Roll. See the Instruction section of the Parts List or Service Manual for procedures
Worn 1st Operation Seaming Roll BearingReplace the Seaming Roll Bearing. See Instructions in the Parts List or Service Manual
Improper cover curl formationDiscuss with Can Manufacturer
Excessive or uneven lining compound in the coverDiscuss with Can Manufacturer
Body Hook too longCheck Pin Gauge Height and Lower Chuck Spring pressure
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