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A condition where the 2nd operation seam is not finished all the way around the can.

Dead Head or Skidder Dead Head or Skidder Dead Head or Skidder
Probable CauseSuggested Remedy
Seaming Chuck is worn, worn smooth, or under sized for the cover used.Replace the Seaming Chuck. To remove the Seaming Chuck, locate the Seaming Chuck between the 1st and 2nd Operation seam cycle. This will place the Seaming Chuck in an idle spot. Use a drift punch & hammer in holes provided around the outside diameter of the chuck. 140S & 180S seamers use a hex head tool provided with the seamer tools. Caution: Seaming Chucks can be right or left hand threads. Consult your Parts List for information.
Height adjustment or Pin Gauge Height of the Seaming Turret is too high for the can used.Reset Pin Gauge Height using the formula on page 7. If the Dead Head or Skidder is occurring at one station only, then check the Lower Chuck Plate height compared to the others. All Lower Chuck Plates should be within .002 of an inch plane dimension tolerance.
Lower Lifter (Chuck) Bearings are sluggish (60L seamer only).Remove the Lower Chuck Plate and clean Lower Lifter Bearings. Replace the bearing if roughness is felt after cleaning.
Insufficient Lower Chuck Spring pressure.Refer to Parts List Instructions or Service Manuals for this procedure.
Seaming Chuck radius does not match the cover radiusReplace the Seaming Chuck. See Probable Cause item a.) for removal procedures
Seaming Roll Bearings sluggish preventing the Roll from turningReplace the bearings. See the Parts List Instructions or Service Manual for this procedure
Tight 1st or 2nd Operation Seaming Roll adjustmentAdjust Seaming Rolls. See the Parts Lists Instructions or Service Manuals for this procedure
Lower lip of the 1st or 2nd Operation Seaming Roll coming in contact with the can body.Check can & cover & Seaming Roll combination. The Seaming Roll may not have the right under cut for this application.
Excessive vertical endplay in the Seaming Chuck SpindleVertical endpaly should not exceed .003 of an inch. If endplay exceeds .003 replace Seaming Spindle Bearing.
Oil or grease on the Lower Lifter or Seaming ChuckClean grease or oil from the Seaming Chuck or Lower Chuck Plate.
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