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Creasing or sometimes called Scoring, is predominantly related to aluminum necked in beverage cans with reduced cover diameters and will be visually seen around the outside diameter bottom edge of the Double Seam. Lithography or aluminum will be scratched in part or all around the neck of the can. Sanitary cans also have the symptom. Creasing will occasionally appear with small dents just below the cover hook radius where contact is made on the thin wall of the neck.

Probable CauseSuggested Remedy
2nd Operation Seaming Roll set too tight.Adjust 2nd Operation Seaming Rolls. Contact can manufacture for specifications.
Can neck too short before angling or stepping out to the cans major diameterDiscuss with Can Manufacturer
Seaming Roll profile lower lip contacting can bodyReduce the Seaming Roll profile lower lip or replace the Seaming Roll with a Roll having a more shallow profile groove
2nd Operation Roll incorrect for this applicationReplace Seaming Rolls with Low Profile Seaming Rolls. Contact can manufacture for specifications
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