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Specific designations are used in the industry to denote can sizes and nominal can dimensions. The diameter of the can is shown first followed by the can height, for example; a #1 sanitary can is designated a a 211 x 400. The first digit of each number denotes the number of inches, while the next two digits indicate the fractional dimension in 1/16 increments. A 211 diameter can actually has a nominal measurement of 2-11/16 inches. The last three digits represent the can height, in this case 400 equals a can with a height of 4 inches with no 1/16’s. In comparaison a can with nominal dimensions of 301 x 411 nominally mesures 3-1/16 dia. x 4-11/16 inches tall. All dimensions are given with both ends seamed on the body and are measured outside.

The following information is listed for ready reference. The can dimensions given are nominal and will vary slightly with every style and method of manufacture.

*Nominal Can SizeCan NameOz. of water at 680 F. A/16 in. ht.**Full Can Oz.**Fluid Oz. Full Can
202 x 3086Z0.1216.15.8
211×3008Z short0.1897.97.6
211×3048Z tall0.1898.78.3
211 x400#1 Eastern0.18910.01 0.5
211 x414#1 Juice0.18913.613.1
300 x 407#3000.23415.214.6
300 x 409#300X0.23415.715.1
301 x 411#1 tall0.24216.716.0
303 x 509#303 tall0.26421.921.0
307 x 3060.30714.714.1
307 x 400#2 short0.30717.817.1
307 x 409#20.30720.619.7
307×510#2 tall0.30725.824.8
401 x411#2-1/20.43229.828.6
404 x 7000.48751.749.6
404 x 7080.48755.753.4
603 x 700#101.032109.4105.1

* Common sizes are shown. Calculate capacity using 1/16 inch dimension.
** Capacities shown are values without headspace. Varying specific gravities of products preclude capacities as attained commercially.

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