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A Pleat is a fold in the Cover Hook that extends form the cut edge down to the Cover Hook radius and more than likely ends in a Vee or Spur. A Pucker is a condition half way between a Wrinkle and a Pleat in that the cut edge of the Cover Hook is deformed downward without folds or curved away from the can body. Pleats or Puckers are not usually ironed out by the 2nd Operation Seaming Roll after started, but are instead increased in size.

Pleats & Puckers Pleats & Puckers
Probable Cause Suggested Remedy
Cover curl material or seam stock too short Consult cover manufacturer.
Incorrect 1st Operation Seaming Roll groove profile Replace 1st Operation Seaming Roll with correct Roll groove profile
1st Operation Seaming Roll seam setting incorrect. Adjust 1st Operation Seaming Roll. Refer to the Parts List Instructions or Service Manual for procedures.
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