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A condition where too little material has been provided to form the seamed can body hook which can be easily determined or observed by tearing down the seam.

Short Body Hook
Probable CauseSuggested Remedy
Inadequate Lower Chuck Spring PressureIncrease Lower Chuck Spring Pressure by turning the Spring Adjustment Screw in a clockwise direction. The amount of pressure increase will vary depending on the Spring used.
Excessive distance between Seaming Chuck and Lower Chuck PlateReset Pin Gauge Height
Broken or damaged Lower Chuck spring.Replace the Lower Chuck Spring
Long Body Hooks in the Can Shop end may give a Short Body Hook in the Cannery end.Discuss with Can Manufacturer. A long Body Hook in the can shop end is usually associated with a can flange defect in the can body.
Underflanged can bodies.Discuss with Can Manufacturer. The Seamer will not complete the flanging operation.
Spring Solid Design (60L only) Pin Gauge Height incorrect.Reset Pin Gauge Height referring to the suggested remedy for Spring Solid Design under Long Body Hook.
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