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A condition where too much material has been used to form the seamed can body hook which can be easily determined or observed by tearing down the seam. If this condition is not corrected, leakers can result producing spoilage of product.

Long Body Hook
Probable CauseSuggested Remedy
Excessive Lower Chuck Spring pressureReduce Lower Chuck spring pressure by turning the Spring Adjustment Screw counterclockwise. The amount of decrease will vary with the type of spring used. An exceptionally long body hook can reduce the cover hook.
Improper Pin Gauge Height.Reset Pin Gauge Height following instructions in back of the Parts List.
Mushroomed Flange.See section on Mushroomed flange
Spring Solid Lower Chuck Design (60L Only) Improper Pin Gauge Height. Note: Lower Chuck springs on Spring Solid machines are not used to obtain body hook.Reset Pin Gauge Height by raising the Upper Turret slightly higher then the can height. Bring a can & cover through and stop at the timing pin located on a boss just below the Lower Chuck Cam. Lower the Upper Turret until the Lower Chuck Mandrel has compressed .020 of an inch. Remove the can. Run another can & cover through the seamer under power and check the body hook. Always maintain the .020 of an inch deflection throughout the seaming cycle. Refer to the Parts List Instructions or Service Manual for height change procedures.
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